Claudia Chapline: Waterworks

Claudia Chapline: Waterworks

Show Dates: May 4-31.
Artist Reception: Saturday, May 14th, 5-7pm.

I am looking forward to seeing many friends at my opening on May 14th at Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany, 1251 Solano Avenue. The opening is 5 to 7 P.M. I will talk and read a few of my poems about water at 6. This is the first solo exhibition of Water Works, a series of abstractions about many forms of water, an ongoing theme in my art and writing.

Waterworks by Claudia ChaplineFalling Water 4_ 2016_ acrylic on canvas_ 72×48 inches


That I should be painting water again Always the flow

Always the flow

Of mist


The falling rain

Light on the water

I float on the river of art

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Author: Claudia Chapline

Claudia Chapline is a multimedia artist: painter, poet, art journalist, former college professor, choreographer, founder, and director of galleries for new art.

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